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Balance Ball

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Perfect for multiple workouts to increase balance, stability, core strength, and endurance in the comfort of your own home. Includes a sheet with a number of entry level workouts to get you started.  

The Ball provides an unstable surface while the device remains stable. The combination of stable and unstable allows a wide range of users from the young, elderly, or injured to the elite level athlete.  

With the dome side facing up, the device can be used for athletic drills and aerobic activities.  It  can also be flipped over so that the platform faces up. In this position, the device is highly unstable and can be used for other forms of exercise.   

  • Kit includes a pump, and ball can support 600lbs
  • Constructed of durable rubber and sturdy, ABS plastic
  • Take it with you to the gym, park, or friend's house with its lightweight and easy to carry design
  • Ball dimensions: 23” (dia) x 10” (H);

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